Best Restaurants in Abuja

BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe

$$$$ 1322 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, 900108, Abuja
Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Located in the heart of Abuja, Blucabana is a peaceful and relaxing place away from all the city's noise. With this, the Blucabana restaurant is pleased to extend a warm greeting and to be introduced. Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, the chefs, thanks to their origins and multiple experiences, bring the best dishes of European and Mediterranean traditions to the table, bringing a breath of freshness. A beautiful location, immersed in the greenery of nature, with a beautiful swimming pool in the centre of the room to frame this lovely restaurant, where the casualness of a cocktail by the pool meets the elegance of a candlelit dinner by the pool, among soft lights and unmistakable smells.

Wakkis Food

$$$$ 171 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, 900288, Abuja
Indian Casual Dining Family Style
Wakkis Food & Beverage Ltd is a restaurant in the heart of the beautiful capital Abuja. Over the years, we have pursued the vision of being the hallmark of the hospitality industry when it comes to Indian-Nigerian delicacies. We are a purpose-built independent restaurant offering an outstanding and memorable dining experience. With carefully selected oriental dishes, expert chefs and professional staff complement each other when visiting Wakkis. One of our exceptional experiences is the aroma of knowledge from knowing what satisfies an appetite. For us, the secret is not far-fetched; we were able to carve out a real niche for ourselves. We are located in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Cilantro Abuja

$$$$ Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama, 900271, Abuja
Indian Thai Casual Dining
Cilantro Abuja has decor inspired by cuisines that commonly use cilantro, such as Mexican, Indian and Thai. Restaurant decor can range from relaxed and vibrant to more elegant and sophisticated, depending on the target clientele. It also has outdoor seating or a terrace to enjoy Abuja's warm weather. The name "Cilantro" suggests that the restaurant offers dishes from cuisines that frequently use this herb, such as Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Southeast Asian. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options, and focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The atmosphere at Cilantro Abuja is relaxed and friendly, possibly with background music appropriate to the cuisine's origin.


$$$$ 264 Tafawa Balewa Rd Ceddi Plaza, 900241, Abuja
African Premium Casual
Welcome to Nkoyo, Ceddi Plaza. We aim to provide our customers with beautifully cooked Nigerian meals prepared with authentic and rich Nigerian herbs and spices. We have a wide range of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Visit us now for a fine dining experience in a relaxed and beautiful setting. NKOYO is a very imaginative and picturesque restaurant like no other in Abuja, becoming one of the favourite places for tourists and non-tourists to taste the delicious traditional Nigerian dishes but not only an all-round African cuisine that includes the most delicious dishes in the menu of its centenary culinary tradition.

Masala Wahala

$$$$ First Floor, Ceddi Plaza, 905102, Abuja
Indian Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
Masala Wahala is a South Indian Restaurant located in the centre of Abuja. We bring you authentic dishes that will tell stories of history and culture. We give our visitors an exciting experience that allows them to connect with a new place. The love and precision that goes into cooking your meals are simple to praise, and if you have a passion for great food, you will enjoy this dining experience. The restaurant is very well organized with a beautiful interior as well. The food is delicious and moderately spicy. It is a great place to enjoy the Taste of South Indian Food.

Cantina Restaurant

$$$$ 30 Yedseram St, Maitama, 900271, Abuja
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Cantina restaurant represents the emblem of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine permeating the capital Abuja streets. The Italian cuisine, the most loved by all, taken through the streets of the beautiful Nigerian capital, offers its customers the possibility of changing countries with the palate, touching very high notes thanks to the care and professionalism of the chefs who, thanks to their work and experience, carry the name of Mediterranean cuisine high. Typical dishes, excellent company and a simple, casual location, create the perfect opportunity to spend an evening or lunch in total carefree with friends, family, and, why not, your partner.

355 Steakhouse & Lounge

$$$$ 38 Osun Cres, Maitama, 900271, Abuja
African Premium Casual
355 Steakhouse & Lounge is located in Maitama and offers a selection of prime South African steaks. The restaurant is the 355 Group’s first venture into fine dining. The steakhouse has an upscale feel while maintaining some critical elements of the original Lagos branch. The outdoor cabana and two lounges on the second level serve Mexican favourites from the Lagos menu and maintain the same laid-back atmosphere that has become 355’s signature.

Zuma Grill

$$$$ Floor, 01, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, No.1, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, 900001, Abuja
International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Zuma Grill is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of downtown Abuja, the Nigerian capital. The restaurant offers grilled dishes with fine meats from various parts of the continent and beyond. A refined cuisine, for sophisticated palates, in an equally elegant and classy location to recall an exquisite dinner by candlelight to foreshadow an evening of very high culinary potential, thanks to the experience and skill of the chefs, who offer a modern, gourmet cuisine that can surprise and envelop the diners' thoughts, leaving them speechless.

Fulani Pool Restaurant

$$$$ Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Zone 4, Ext.8116, Wuse, 900001, Abuja
International Casual Dining Family Style
The open-air Fulani restaurant and bar is famous for al fresco lunch or dinner by the pool with great cocktails. The Sunday barbecue lunch is a treat for all the family. A simple, non-pretentious location, perfect for events of any kind, from a business dinner to a family group dinner. Dining by the pool always has a specific effect. International cuisine is available to customers that match perfectly with every need and taste. We go from Mediterranean and European cuisine to one that extends overseas for those who prefer to wander around and try something different that can strike them with unique smells and flavours.


$$$$ Jabi Waterfront, Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, 905102, Abuja
African Casual Dining
Argungu might incorporate elements of traditional Nigerian culture and design, perhaps focusing on components reminiscent of Argungu's fishing culture. Depending on its scale and target audience, the setting could range from a cosy, local environment to a more upscale dining experience. Given the town's reputation, Argungu could likely specialize in traditional Nigerian dishes, possibly with a focus on seafood. This could include dishes like pepper soup, jollof rice, suya (spicy skewered meat), and a variety of fish and shellfish dishes, perhaps including some inspired by the Argungu fishing festival. The atmosphere in Argungu might be lively and welcoming, capturing the vibrant culture of Nigeria. It might also host events or live performances related to Nigerian culture, depending on its clientele.

The Jerk Shack

$$$$ 16 Bangui Street The Basement, 905102, Abuja
South American Casual Dining Fast Casual
"The Jerk Shark" in Abuja Given the Caribbean influence suggested by the name, The Jerk Shark might feature a vibrant and colourful setting with elements reminiscent of Jamaican culture. Outdoor seating, possibly with a casual, beach-inspired vibe, could be a feature. The Jerk Shark would likely specialize in jerk-style dishes, particularly seafood, given the reference to "Shark" in its name. This could mean a variety of dishes featuring fish and other seafood marinated in jerk spice and either grilled or smoked. The menu might include other Caribbean words and sides like rice, peas, fried plantains, or callaloo. The atmosphere at The Jerk Shark could be relaxed and lively, reflecting the vibrant culture of Jamaica. Depending on its location and clientele, there could be music featuring reggae or other Caribbean styles.

Gusto Restaurant

$$$$ 42 Adetokunbo Ademola Cres, Wuse, 904101, Abuja
Italian Japanese Mediterranean Asian Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Pizzeria
"Gusto Restaurant" in Abuja is an Italian fusion restaurant that embraces a warm and welcoming interior design reminiscent of Italian trattorias' relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Depending on its level of formality, you might see elements like rustic wooden tables, terracotta tiles, or even a display of fine wines. The Gusto restaurant would presumably focus on Italian cuisine but not only, going to affect the Asian tradition, creating an unusual but exciting contrast, creating an unusual "fusion" offer that intrigues its customers, offering various traditional dishes such as pasta, risotto, pizza and more. Given the diversity of Italian food, you may find regional specialities, fish dishes and a fine selection of Italian wines. Italian cuisine is known for its friendly and social atmosphere, and Gusto restaurant may well reflect that.
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